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Kayaking was one of the thousands of outdoor sports that i want to try. I can swim so i have no worries. :) I remember when I was still a kiddo, we went on this particular beach in Mactan with my family. There was a set of kayaks displayed on the shoreline, together with my siblings, we jumped in excitedly on the kayaks not knowing there was a rental.

Last September 5, we went on kayaking together with the IMS folks in Karancho Beach, Mactan. The event was entitled "Moonlight Kayaking Series". This was the event poster by jump off point. Call now! :D

We met up at Robinson's before going to Mactan. I can see the excitement on our faces. :D

Upon arriving at Karancho. Can't wait to paddle! yeeha!

"Kayaking 101"
Let the session begin! Ate Aireen, one of the jump off point's sexy staff was orienting us regarding the parts of the paddle and the kayak, how to paddle to the left, to the right, how to break (I mean to stop, not to break into pieces) and to sweep the kayak and many other important stuffs specially when you're already paddling at the coastal.
Thanks ate Ai, we learned like a lot! :)

Stretching up ourselves before getting some muscle pains and before jumping in at the kayaks.

All was set! Done putting on the life jackets, and was ready to explore the nooks and the ecological wonders of the area.

Re-grouping before proceeding to the lagoon area.
Paddling with Kuya Caloy using a fisherman's paddle.
Like my paddle, eh?

Done exploring the lagoon area.
That was fun! Paddling for the first time with Ate Cindy as my buddy was not that bad.

Thanks much to Jump Off Point for giving us the 30% discount and the 'kayak 'til you drop' experience! Kayaking has never been this good! \m/


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