Mt. Canlaon For the Second Time Around

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It was around last June 2009 that our mountaineering group, the Inter-Mountaineering Society (IMS) has again organized an independence climb in Mt Canlaon, Negros Oriental. So the reason why I have posted it only now is because my blog has been dormant for almost a year due to my laziness. It was actually my second time already in Canlaon because the organization has first organized a clmib last June 2008. It felt so good to have climbed the same mountain for two years straight specially we are taking different trails this year. 

So we started trekking at Mapot. We trekked for about 3-4 hours before we arrived at our first campsite which is just below the forest line. For the second day, we hiked towards Makawiwili  Peak which is the most tiring trek of all.

This is the view from the Makawiwili Peak taken during the first day of our climb. The background is the Mt. Canlaon volcano. It was so great because in last year's climb, all we see in Makawiwili is fog. 

L-R Me, Abby and Ate Cindy (my cousin) at Makawiwili Peak.

This was on our first night. Our campsite is located in upper Mapot.

Then we trek downward to PMS lagoon for our second campsite. If only I can show you how cold it is there in PMS Lagoon. I even had trouble sleeping on our second night because my feet were so numb because of the very low temperature.

A group picture at PMS Lagoon.

On our way to Pagatpat

Catching up our breath at Pagatpat. 

This was in Margaja Valley. I wasn't able to get down in this valley on my first climb due to time conflicts.

 This was in the shoulder of the Canlaon volcano.

Finally! At the crater of the volcano. The mouth of the volcano became larger compared to its structure during our first
climb here.

Funny poses on our last day,

For us Cebuano climbers, this mountain costs the cheapest of all. I even got 200 pesos left on my 1,500 budget. :)


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