Shangri-La Resort and Spa (Mactan,Cebu)

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I really made this blog to post about my mountain climbing and running sports or other outdoor related activities but I now decided to post other activities outside of the category I mentioned so I can only focus on one blog. I actually have a tumblr account but I want to focus more on blogger.

So, I'm lucky to have a good friend of mine who invited us to Shangri-La Mactan last summer. This 5-star hotel was really great! It will costs you up to 20,000 if you will check in there but we were guests of our friend so we are free in their facilities.

These are my great friends, jemar and Elaine.
Just a little fun fact: Their white fine sand is from Panglao Beach in bohol. :)

I wasn't able to bring my favorite bikini. :(
Our room. :)
Look at the main pool! This was the view from the room of my friend's grandma.
We were supposed to jump to the water from here but a life guard blows his whistle at us! HAHA!
Thanks to her! Thanks for making us your guests here.. :*

True, the tans will fade but the memories will last forever. Summer 2011 was so great! :)


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