Swimming With The Whale Sharks

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Ever saw a whale shark or what is known in the Philippines as butanding or tuki? You have to definitely see one before you kick the bucket!

SUNRISE! oh how I love to see one. The view while on the road to south. 

Arrived at 7:00 in the morning and was surprised by the lots of early birds already settled on the shore.

On the go! Ready to swim with the whale sharks! :)
She's showing herself to us! :D

This huge sea fella can make this little boat sink but her friendliness and tame-ness shows how close to humans the whale sharks are. 

At Alcoy beach, the side trip.

When I first heard about the whale sharks in Oslob which come near the bangka to feed themselves, I was really thrilled and wanted to teleport myself in Oslob  right away! Just a 2-hour drive away from our home and I'm gonna experience an epic sea adventure. There's no need to go to Donsol, Sorsogon anymore. As what I've read on the web, whale sharks are already plenty along the sea of Oslob long time ago because it's part of the channel they travel to in finding their foods. But they were gone for several years because of the dynamite fishing in the province. They have just settled in Oslob recently, after the use of dynamite fishing was prohibited. 

I was really having a great time swimming with my new sea pals but on the other side, I pity them. Seriously. Whale shark experts said that hand-feeding these sea creatures is really not good to them. They are wild species and they are supposed to be out in the wild. What the situation now is that the whale sharks are always staying on the shallow water, begging for the fishermen to give them food which is not healthy for them. For more infos about this study, please take time to read this, http://www.facebook.com/notes/elson-aca/grooming-a-disaster/296634240375271 . 

 By CERES BUS: Go to South bus terminal and catch up with the first trip to Oslob at 2:00 in the morning. The trip will take 3 hours. The place is very visible because it's just along the road, on the left side. You can see huge sign boards and huge pictures that says: "WHALE SHARK WATCHING HERE!". 

P300 - bus fare (back and forth)
P300 - whale shark watching fee (including the entrance fee and the bangka fee)
P100 - snorkel set
P25 - life jacket rental
P100 - additional for tourists with cameras (camera fee)

I would advice you to go to the place early because you might not know how many visitors will come and you must know that the whale shark watching ends at 1:00 in the afternoon. As soon as you arrive, the first thing you have to do is to list all your names on the log book specially if the place is jam packed. There are food stalls in the area but you will really save some moolah if you'll bring your own food. 

So, bon voyage fellas and enjoy this one epic experience! Remember, DO NOT TOUCH THE WHALE SHARK'S BODY BECAUSE THEIR SKIN IS SENSITIVE, YOU MIGHT HARM THEM. :)


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