Mt. Tres Marias 2-Day Climb

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New climb. New mountain. New trails. New friends. New crush. Some of the reasons why I'm keeping up with this hobby. Hello Leyte, hello Tres Marias!

Arrived at Ormoc City at around 4am.

Jump-off point.

One of the technical parts. You have to hold onto the nylon that was tied up on a tree in order to cross the waterfall.

The Recoletos falls where we had our lunch.

This was probably my favorite part, the Ulan-ulan falls. 

Sadako in Tres Marias.

On our way to the summit.

Big smile at the peak.

 On our way home, finally.

New Mactan bridge.

In the little province of Biliran, Leyte, a mountain so pristine lies at 1315 MASL, probably the highest point in Biliran island. It contains three peaks thus gaining the name Tres Marias. With its rich biodiversity, abundance of waterfalls, mossy forests and challenging trails, you'll definitely have an unforgettable backpacking experience.

It's been a year already since I had my last major climb and I'm really missing the fresh air that only mountains could offer. The mountains are calling me and I couldn't refused that call. It was my first time to set foot in the island of Leyte and I was very excited as a kid who can't wait to open her gift. Excited to explore the beauty of the province and of course, excited to conquer the highest peak of the island. We started trekking at Brgy. Sampao, Almeria in Biliran as the major jump-off by 10am where a wide cemented road welcomed us. But as we trek farther, the mountain slowly revealed her beauty. We've trekked past four waterfalls which was named as Sampawan, Ulan-ulan, Recoletos and Nomads. It truly has many technical parts, in fact I slipped in the early part of the trek. We had our lunch at the boulders near Recoletos falls but I wasn't able to have the chance to dip in the cold yet fresh water because I was having my period. I even brought plenty of pain reliever pills with me in case dysmenorrhea will strike me. And it basically did. 

After a number of assaults and lots of river trekking, we've finally reached the campsite by 5pm. Luckily, it didn't rain. We started summiting the following day as early as 7 am, entering a mossy forest with lots of pitcher plants. We were ahead of our itinerary so we didn't mind our pacing. Unfortunately, the mountain Gods are not in our favor for we were not able to see a clearing view at the peak. But the most important thing is we've conquered the mountain and there wasn't a single person who was injured in our 2-day trek.

Day 1
0520 ETA Ormoc from Cebu via Roble Shipping
0600 Jeepney ride to Almeria, Biliran Province
0900 Last buys at Naval, Biliran
1000 ETA Brgy Sampao, Almeria
         Courtesy call, LGU with local guides
1030 Jump-off. Start of trek
1230 ETA Ulan-ulan Falls. LUNCH
1400 Load water for trail. Resume trek.
1800 ETA Aeta Campsite.
1900 Socials. Evaluation. Socials.
2000 Lights off. Camp down.

Day 2
0500 Wake-up call. Light breakfast.
0530 Assault to summit
0715 ETA Mt. Tres Marias summit (1315 MASL)
0800 Start descent
0914 Back at Aeta campsite. BRUNCH.
1000 ETD/descent
1400 ETA Brgy Sampao/Jump-off
1430 ETD to Masongsong Pool or Mainit Hot Springs (sidetrip)
1800 ETD for Ormoc City
2100 ETA Ormoc City. Straight to Wharf. Socials/evaluations.

I <3 mountaineering. :)


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