At the Boulders of Camp Four

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Hola, readers! I've been very lazy these past months so I wasn't able to update my dormant blog. However, I realized that I still have many activities in the past years that are worthy to be shared and I'll be damned if I would not blog it. Here's one of the coolest outdoor adventure I had a year ago.
I miss my outdoor life so much that's why I remembered this one.

On a sunny morning last March 13, 2011, I went on a bouldering in Camp 4 in Talisay City Cebu, just less than an hour trip from home. Bouldering has been on my bucket list ever since. I'm with some of the pioneers of IMS, Erwin Castillon and Reyfiel Racaza, my cousin Cindy Solon, my sis Caitlin Alferez and another IMS member Ian Villegas. Tzu Erwin and Tzu Reyfiel had been there once, many years ago, actually. They said they were not really familiar with the trails anymore but we still managed to passed through it.

As the mountain breeze entered my nostrils, wide verdure lay peacefully before my eyes, fresh air dancing around my sweaty body and the insects wander gleefully on its habitat,  I knew I was entering a trance that will take me on a different kind of high.

I don't know why, but climbing a mountain is a pleasure for me. God's amazing creations are priceless gifts that we should be thankful for. When I trek, all the problems in school and in home are replaced by the laughter that are shared within my climb buddies. And it really feels good. Away from the hustle and bustle of the metro at least for a day clears my head.

This adventure was quite dangerous. One wrong step and you'll surely break your bones.They said, when you're climbing a mountain, your putting your life into 50:50. So be sure to be extra careful when you're on the trail already and always put in mind the knowledge you have learned on your BMC lectures. If the two pioneer blokes were not with us, I wouldn't have took the risk of stepping on these boulders. It's better to have a company with enough knowledge on this kind of adventure. And it's always better to think first of your safety before risking and forcing yourself up. :)

"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb."
-- Greg Child

 Can't wait to have my next climb. 'til the next! :)

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  1. Wow!! it's breathtaking ...nicephotos following ur blog now! Hope u can follow me too..



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