Rock Climbing At Cantabaco

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One thing I can brag about Cebu is that it has everything. Night clubs, restaurants, white sand beaches, cool outdoors spots, and the list goes on. But I can't be more proud to have the country's premiere rock climbing destination located at our very own island.

Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited by my sister's boyfie's troop to go on a rock climb on the Southern part of Cebu. I was so giddy to go because it's been on my bucket list ever since. I even ditched a class for this. Ha-ha.

With an hour of travel from the city, you will find this limestone wall nestled in the small town of Cantabaco, Toledo, Cebu that is famous in the international rock climbing scene. We took 3 routes that day, getting more difficult each route. I'm not that familiar with rock climbing but I learned that its grades go from 6a to 8a + and totals up to 40 routes in the entire crag.

The cliff is divided into two sides, below is the left where we first took the two routes, Vulva and I forgot the other one. Here we are, pulling ourselves up. :)

Still not contented with the scratches and bruises we had, we continued our way to the more difficult level which is on the right side of the crag. We're here now so why not enjoy the moment to the fullest? :) The belaying area in this part is fine compared to the left side, but the holds, tsk, na ah. I swear I really had a hard time finding the holds. I thought my arms are gonna rip off from holding on too long.

In going there, you can ride a v-hire at Citilink Terminal in N. Bacalso Avenue that is en route to Lutopan, Toledo for a fare of  70.00php. Ask the driver to drop you off at Silangan then ride a motorcycle that will take you to the wall. The place is so common for the locals, of course, so don't hesitate to ask them. In our case, the group who invited us has their own equipment like ropes, harness, rock shoes, etc. so we had no problem finding one. In case you don't have any, better ask someone who knows about rock climbing. However, there are local rock climbers who lend their equipment but I don't have any idea on the prices. Before you hit the wall, you need to sign up on the log book first in Manang Memeng's crib that can be found alongside the trail. A short trek to the wall will warm your muscles up, but if it's not enough, dude, you got a lot of climbing to do. ;)


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