Dumaguete - 2 Story Kitchen

5:44 PM CARLA 3 Comments

While in Dumaguete last summer, we've been to a lot of food trips and found this hip Korean cafe (former cafe noriter) just a block away from Sans Rival. The foods are great and the prices are reasonable.

One thing I love about Korean cafes is their interior design. Feels like we're somewhere in Seoul. Tee-hee! 

They don't limit their menu to korean foods, they also have these delctable delights. 

And because we love sweets, we also had these:

We enjoyed lingering there for a couple of hours although their wifi did not seem to reach the second floor. 

Don't miss this dandy cafe while in Dumaguete. It's situated at Sta. Catalina Street. :) 


  1. it looks great there! love the interior :) xx


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