Capones Island

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It's when the travel bug bit me that I became the happiest girl ever.

A few weeks after my KL trip, I got struck by the grandeur of Zambales. It's been on my travel list ever since. Oh, how lucky I am to be living in 7,1007 awesome islands. So, what did I get from this unforgettable trip? Scroll down to get a glimpse of Capones Island.

This is the part where it felt like we just came through a portal and have been transported into a Game of Thrones setting. New zealand, Iceland or Ireland, name it I swear it felt like I was in a foreign land, but the thought of just being in the Philippines and nowhere else was exhilarating. 
Hiking towards the Light House.

And so we trekked for about 30 minutes that seemed like forever, pressured by the amount of time our boatmen had limit us. We went through rocks, grasslands and cliffs hurriedly, carrying my sister's 2-year old baby, not wanting to miss the Light House.

It has been a 30-minute scenic trek to the light house, and I swear what we saw was beyond words to describe. It was a perfect view of the South china Sea with crags and grasslands you thought you can only see on TV. 

A perfect view of the South China Sea from the Light House.
View from the Light House
This trip to Capones Island was a part of the package on our Anawangin and Nagsasa trip. Upon arranging the whole trip, we've been contacting with our boatmen about the price of the boat, the list of places we could go to, the things we can use during our beach camp like the woods for the campfire, drinking water, ice, ice cooler, tents, foods, etc., until we've arrived. Please be reminded that this is a remote island with no electricity. We were lucky enough to have contacted the right person, Mang Mike, for this whole trip. He even gave us directions and tips going to San Antonio. He's so generous with his ideas and he even arranged a trike from the highway to Pundaquit beach, and to Crystal Beach in San Narciso for us. The other one we contacted first was overpricing though. Unfortunately, I lost my phone a couple of weeks ago so I don't have his number anymore. On the other hand, we decided to camp in Nagsasa and not in Anawangin nor Capones after reading some reviews. 
Another 30 minutes of walk from the Light House back to our boat.
How to get there:

-From Diosdado Macapagal airport in Pampanga, we took a cab to Dau for 200php. 
-We then took a V-hire from Dau bus terminal to Olongapo City for 130php. We let the night pass and decided to leave for Zambales at dawn.
-From Olongapo, we rode on a bus to San Antonio Zambales for 44php.
-We stopped at the Municipal Hall and rode on a trike to Pundaquit that was arranged by Mang Mike. They advised us to buy everything we needed at the market before embarking our boat. There we bought a kilo of pork belly for our dinner, coals, soft drinks, etc. And we're ready to sail!

Along the highway of San Atonio, Zambales
Bracelet vendor at San Antonio Beach, Zambales
San Antonio Beach, Zambales
This is just the first part of our Zambales trip. I suggest you look for Mang Mike because he got the most reasonable price ever, and he gave us everything we needed. Stay tuned for our Anawangin, Nagsasa, and Mt. Pinatubo adventures. I will also post the itinerary of our whole trip next! 

Happy travels! :)


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