Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens

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Bali, Indonesia? No. I don't even like the idea of comparing each country. Each place has its own beauty and uniqueness. One just need to have a sense of optimism and see and appreciate the beauty of each thing.

This trip to Moalboal with my family was one summer ago. Can you believe that I need to wait for another summer to blog about this one? That's one characteristic of me that I utterly dislike. Procrastinating. 

Anyway, just in case you are wondering where Moalboal is, it's in the South part of my beautiful island named Cebu. Yes, it's one of the booming cities in my beloved country, Philippines, which I am proud of growing up with.

That's the best thing about my island. When you're worn out from work, classes or whether you're too tired dealing with the hustle and bustle of the metro, all you have to do is hop on a bus and head North or South. Either which, you can relax at white sand beaches and get refreshed.

Wait, did I mention the name of this rad resort  yet? Sorry. This slice of paradise is called Hale Manna. Hale means House and Manna means Good Energy in Hawaiian.

Truly a home of good energy, one can do a lot of things here. From kayaking to snorkeling to yoga at the coastal garden. Hmmm, wouldn't you like to breathe the warm ocean breeze on your meditation?

Honestly, I intentionally wrote this one because it's summer already and I want you to have fun. 
I want you to forget about anything stressful. I want you to hop on a bus, travel and get lost. I want you to chase your own bliss.

Whether it's outside the country or not, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you're moving.
We are just too lucky to be living in an island where modern establishments and laid-back beaches meet. 

 So, what are you waiting for? Leave that desk, hop on a bus and feel the summer!

Fun does not depends on money.

For rates and other inquiries, visit http://www.halemanna.com/ 


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