The Jaw-Dropping Mt. Pinatubo

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Have you ever tried going to a place so surreal your jaw just literally dropped?

Because I just did.

I never thought that I could set foot and witness live what I only read on geography textbooks back on my elementary years. I always thought that Mt. Pinatubo was unreachable, but here I am, harmoniously digesting it all in.

The eruption of  Mt. Pintubo on 1991 was the the second largest eruption of the 20th century. I was not yet born that time but I learned that ten thousand of people were affected. Some evacuated, some were buried deep down the lahar. I couldn't even fathom how the devastation turned out to be this resplendent. 

The main plan of our Luzon trip last January 2014 (Yah I know these photos have been lounging on my drive for a long time already) was just to explore Anawangin and Nagsasa coves in Zambales and a little bit of surfing, but hell, it'd be just a waste of our plane ticket if we'll miss out on Mt. Pinatubo. 

Our Mt. Pinatubo adventure started early in the morning with a 4x4 ride with lots and lots of awesome scenery around the largest lahar canyon in the whole world. 

Before flying to Luzon, we've contacted the tourism office in Tarlac for the rates and arrangements of our trip so that we can save time from any hassle. Upon arriving,we just gave them our names and they immediately registered us, and voila, we're on board our awesome 4x4 ride worth Php3,000.00.

It was quite a long yet exciting bumpy ride to the jump-off. We had to stop to pee, and have a photo op with these beautiful Aeta kids. 

In case you are wondering, we had to put on our jackets because it's so chilly despite the bright sunny day. But it's downright amazing feeling the cold mountain breeze on our lungs on that early morning hike. 

This climb was different from the other ones I had. Here, we didn't have to carry our huge backpacks all throughout the climb, we just left ours on the car at the jump-off. We just brought our important stuff, some bottles of drinking water and trail foods as we trek towards the crater lake.

We just hiked from the jump-off point for several minutes but this sign suddenly showed up saying "our trek just starts here." We just laughed our asses off and enjoyed the rest of the scenic trek.

Aaaand, tadaaaa! We finally arrived at the most beautiful crater lake we've ever been we had to photobomb it! Ticked this beauty off the bucket list at last.

Honestly, I could upload a whole album on this post. It's too beautiful not to share it.

We've met a lot of foreigners that day, some are sunbathing on the lake. In fact, we're the only Pinoys around.

Maybe a lot of you are now planning to visit Pinatubo after watching the movie Crazy Beautiful You. Dude, you should really be doing that by now. As what my favorite blogger, Stephanie Dandan of Infinite Satori always says, "Do yourself a favor and buy that damn plane ticket already." This is seriously one of the most beautiful gems the Philippines has.

Yep! That's my two-year old niece carried by our very nice guide. Start them young, they say.

Passing by this Aeta home was life-changing. I have found out that they don't even have a TV set. All they have is this wide and beautiful lahar canyon they call their playground. 

I took out my ipad and let them watch Talking Tom. Their reaction was priceless. It's very humbling to know how these kids live up with the simple life they're having. They may be miles away from the comforts of the city yet you can see across their innocent faces they are happy and contented with the simple little things they have. 

I really learned a lot from our Pinatubo trip. Stay tuned for our DIY itinerary and budget for this trip!

Happy travels!


  1. Wow amazing!! Mt. PInatubo is still in my bucket list... Kuyog ko Kon mobalik ka didto dai.....

    1. Hello, ma'am Nima! Yes, Pinatubo was amazing! :)


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