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Visiting this side of the Philippines to explore its pristine coves and of course Mt. Pinatubo was one for the books. Zambales offers a wide array of adventures and as one of our country’s famous surf spots, we knew we had to try the waves there before flying back home.
After sailing to Capones Island, sightseeing at Anawangin Cove and beach camping in Nagsasa, we went to Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, the nearest surf spot from Manila.
We arrived there as walk-ins and immediately checked the reception for the surf’s availability.
Luckily, it was not flat when we arrived so we were told to take the last schedule of surfing at around 3PM for the previous session had already started. We registered with a fee of 400.00php per person, per hour, which includes a rashguard (which will be returned after the session, of course), a board and a surfing instructor.
We went there by lunch time so might as well take the lunch at the resort. The food in King Solomon’s Hall, the resort’s restaurant is affordable and delicious. After eating we went to the beach, ready and giddy to ride the waves.
The surfing lessons in the resort were operated by The Quicksilver Surf School. Upon registering, we were given some Roxy discount coupons that has no expiration. Cool!
After an hour of surfing, we relaxed at the long beach watching Zambales' mesmerizing sunset before taking a bus back to Olongapo to rest, and catch another bus en route to Mt. Pinatubo the following day.

Crystal Beach Resort is also a great place for beach camping and other recreational activities.

We didn’t stay there overnight so for the rates and packages of the resort, kindly check them out at

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The itinerary of our whole Zambales backpacking experience will be up soon! Happy travels!


  1. So amazing and I wish to try surfing, too. :)

    1. You should try it, it's totally fun! Happy Holidays! :)


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