Sunset Cruise to Tambobo Bay with Antulang Beach Resort

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Beach. Picture-postcard bay. Yacht. Sunset. Clear blue Skies. Cool Wind. Just had the perfect recipe for the best birthday ever and our first trip in 2016 as well!

The original plan was to travel alone when I get a year older but you see, God has His own plan for each one of us and it's always way better than ours.

 I've always wanted to visit Tambobo Bay in Siaton to see the postcardlike place in my own eyes, quite intrigued why the yachties from all over the world are happy and lured to stay there. I also believed that there are more awesome places in Negros Oriental aside from Apo Island.

You know what they say about how the universe conspires when you want something? 
Yes, Antulang Beach Resort gave me a free accommodation and a free cruise to the nearby Tambobo Bay aboard their yacht, the Annabelle Lee. Just in time for my birthday.

Tambobo Bay is new to my eyes then and it finally made sense why the yachties chose to anchor there. It's situated at the mouth of two rivers with lush surroundings and a backdrop of the Cuernos de Negros. The place is so serene. Sunbathing on your yacht with a good book and a cold drink in hand would definitely be a great idea.

Tambobo Bay is tucked in Brgy. Bonbonan in the town of Siaton, the town next to Zamboaguita where Apo Island is located. The next time you visit south of Dumaguete, make sure to add Tambobo Bay in your itinerary, it's really worth seeing. 

After our jaw-dropping experience in Tambobo Bay, we cruised to the cliff where Antulang Beach Resort is situated, then we anchored in the middle of the sea near Kookoo's Nest to enjoy snorkeling, kayaking and lots of boat jumping.

Jumping off a boat: check! Bloody hell, I love the ocean and I love swimming but I don't know why I always get scared when I see a boat's hull when I'm in the water. Thankfully I conquered that fear that day. The water was so tempting after all.

Antulang Beach Resort provided us with snorkels and a kayak so we didn't waste any time to enjoy the water. Yes to more jellyfish stings. 

We've also sited a secluded beach so we immediately paddled towards there. Never stop exploring, they say.

This hideaway is new to me and I'm very happy to have spent my birthday in here. Discovering new places and adventure spots is so fun. Antulang is also a home of 17 dive sites, and marine lives are abundant here like manta rays, groupers and hawskbill turtles.

We really enjoyed this trip. Sunset birthday cruise is definitely one for the books! Thank you to Antulang Beach Resort for spoiling us with the yacht, it was too huge for just the two of us. We went to our suite after to rest and we got glued inside. We did not bother going out anymore. It's that awesome, our suite.

Antulang Beach Resort is located in Siaton, Negors Oriental, where Lake Balanan is also located, approximately 40km from Dumaguete City. The Annabelle Lee can be chartered to the nearby Tambobo Bay, and to Apo Island in Zamboaguita, which has a cabin with 3 beds for longer trips.

For rates and reservations, contact Antulang Beach Resort through email:, | text: +639177002461 | Facebook: | website:

Below is the video of our whole Antulang experience. Will blog about our amazing room and the whole resort next. Stay tuned! 

Happy travels!


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