Camotes Island

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White sand beach, sunsets, good people, a handful of adventure spots, cold beer and live acoustic reggae flooding at night. Officially one of my favorite islands.

Santiago Bay

Went here for my cousin's birthday and we stayed in this little backpacker's house called the Dread House, owned by a rasta family. It's probably not luxurious but this is where you are going to have the best nights when in the island.

We arrived here at dusk not knowing we could get so wasted on our first day and met friendly rasta souls. I'm a huge fan of reggae and it was my first time in Camotes (shame, I know, to think my grandma was born in this island) so forgive me if I blab so much in this post. 

Apparently, the owners have their own reggae band so after having barbecues and fresh sea foods every dinner, acoustic reggae starts to play as the beer starts flowing. It was the best feeling ever chilling on the sand with bean bags under the starry sky with good company and good music. Carlo, the vocalist, has the best reggae voice ever it will send chills down your spine. On some Saturdays, they even host a reggae party. Honestly, if there's a surf  available in Santiago Bay, I would probably consider living in Dread House.

We stayed in the island for 3 days and it was not enough, but still we've managed to visit some of the best adventures spots the island could offer.

Buho Rock Resort

This is my most favorite spot ever! I love cliff jumping and the adrenaline rush I get when I do something crazy. And if it was not for my injured foot, I would have jumped off the highest cliff. 

This is where we stayed the longest while discovering the island and we were stoked to catch the sunset.

Lake Danao

I love this lake! It felt like we were on a movie. Too bad it drizzled hard that day so we were not able to enjoy boating or kayaking. They also sell fresh fruit shakes and foods, and we were happy to have bought the nostalgic big and crisp cassava chip with melted sugar on top.
Paraiso Cave

You can find a lot of caves in Camotes but we chose to go here because according to the driver we've hired, the other caves stink with urine. I do not know if it's true but the thought of it saddens me. It's a shame to know that we can't preserve our own natural resources, not just here in Camotes.

Nevertheless, we really enjoyed Camotes especially the acoustic reggae sessions every night, and even though the memory card of our gopro has corrupted, we  still have tons of vivid memories worth keeping. 

Happy travels!

Camotes Island is located east of Cebu and southwest of Leyte. Boats are available daily in Danao City, north of Cebu, with a travel time of 2 hours, one way.


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