Achieving Balayage Finally

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When traveling, my hair is one of my top problems. Aside from being unmanageable, its color became so dull. I go to the beach a lot and spend too much time under the sun though and I admit these are some of the factors that could damage the hair. Thank God I was introduced to this amazing salon right here in Cebu and had the chance to have a hair makeover! Read on to know more. 

So this is how my hair looked like after coloring it for the first time. Those trips to the salons I had before gave me all the same results: copper-ish or brassy. You know that feeling when you tell the hairstylist that you wanted to have ash or brown but you always walked out of the salon not having the color you have been anticipating? It sucks, right?

Amidst the era of highlighting trends such as sombre, balayage, ombre, and flamboyage, I got this crazy idea of experimenting my hair by bleaching the tips - twice and DIY style - wanting to achieve ash or gray balayage or sombre so bad. Some of my friends compliment my hair saying the curls look sexy just like on the photo above but trust me, it really looks unattractive in person. When I step outside the house, I always try my best to cover the true condition of my locks by tying it or using hair straightener if I wanted to let it down. And the color, it obviously did not turn out the way I wanted to and I am totally so frustrated about it. 

Alarmed with how my newly-bleached hair turned out after taking it to the beach, I decided to go to a salon and have my hair fixed. I was on the road that time - so I had it checked at a Salon in Dumaguete. I was hopeful that my hair will be saved for the hairstylist sounded so confident. She bleached it again and colored it with a mix of gray and ash but again, it failed. The tips may be close to ash but there are still copper tones from the roots all the way to the middle, the colors did not match at all obviously.

A month passed and still not giving up on attaining gray or ash, I lied to the guy at the salon here in Cebu and had the tips of my hair colored again. I know I'm so crazy for doing it, and so it became lifeless eventually. That's when I decided to stop pursuing balayage or sombre and just let my hair breathe.

 After five months, my friend referred me to D' Beauty Wonderland Hair and Beauty Salon. I decided to give it a try since I was so desperate to tone my locks down. Little did I know my hair could be saved!

I actually hate showing it but this is how my actual hair looked like before the makeover. The color changed again after having some beach trips. So brassy and gross. 

There I met my fairy godmother, the awesome professional hairstylist Ms. Daisy Gazelle Mabanto. She's really an amazing and kind woman. When I arrived at her salon, we talked, and she checked my hair and explained its condition and what she would do about it. She also gave me tips on how to take care of my hair properly. She even gave me an early Christmas present (thank you Ms. Daisy!) and pampered me that I felt so at home inside the salon. Sitting for hours, battling with the time and the chemicals on your hair is so tiresome and it really is comforting when the salon has a homey vibe. 

I put all my trust to my stylist and let her do the magic. After a series of procedure, I finally achieved my ash dreams! I totally love it, and I've never been this happy with my hair! According to my stylist, she applied three colors: French brown, light ash, and medium ash. I'm very happy with the outcome! I was so clueless there's actually a salon here in Cebu that could achieve the hair I wanted for so long. Plus, she even gave me an amazing new cut, thank God, I was so desperate to get rid of those frizzy tips!

After graduating in college, Ms. Daisy studied hairdressing classes and attended different trainings for two years. She was then invited to join the L'oreal Expert Club in the Philippines and ranked as top 1 after passing the written and practical exams. She became L'oreal Professionnel Paris' Senior Educator in Visayas and Mindanao, and conducted trainings in different salon chains, including basic and advanced trainings for stylists. Recently, she decided to resign and focus on her own salon.

For those who are dreaming of ash locks and share the same hair sentiments with me, visit D' Beauty Wonderland Salon now at 261-A Don Mariano Cui St., Cebu City, just across Yakski Capitol and beside Backstory Kitchen and Cafe. They also offer other services like rebond, steambond, hair treatments, and they all use L'oreal products. Strictly for appointments only. 

I'm so glad I have finally found a salon I can trust. Contact D' Beauty Wonderland Salon HERE


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