Cuatro Islas - An Unspoiled Gem in Leyte

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Oh, how lucky I am to be born and raised in a country filled with white sand beaches. Last August, I have discovered another stunning group of islands with the cleanest and clearest water ever. Come and explore Cuatro Islas with me!

We drove from Ormoc City to Inopacan, a quiet town in the south of Leyte, and rented a pump boat that took us to Cuatro Islas. Although the strong wind did not hinder us from sailing, we missed an island out of the four. 

First stop was Digyo Island, my most favorite of all. I hate comparing places and I hate saying this but Digyo reminded me of Maldives. Well, I haven't been there (LOL) but based on the photos I saw online, the color of the water is pretty much alike, those different shades of blue that will take all your stress away. Of all the beaches I have visited, this island has the cleanest water for me. What I like about Digyo is the sand bar that has shallow water on the right and at the tip, and deep water on the other side. I really enjoyed swimming for there are no itch-causing creatures or something. I also love how the island is filled with coconut trees! Obviously, we stayed here longer than on the rest of the islands. 

Our cheeks and arms started to turn red but we couldn't get enough sun and sailed to another awesome island. Next stop was Mahaba Island. This trip fell on a weekend but there were no other human beings in the islands surprisingly. The best feeling ever is having an entire beach all to yourselves. Mahaba is bigger than Digyo but the water is as clean and clear, and the sand so fine. It has an insanely wide strip of beach! We had a dip again, and we played until my cousin and I stepped on some sea urchins. It was my first time to experience that, but well, at least I ticked it off the bucket list. We had too much bliss until the sky suddenly turned gray, a sign to leave the island.

We were supposed to go to another island called Apid but unfortunately, the current was too strong so we just went near the shore but didn't dock, took some shots and head home. The other Island that we were not able to visit was Himokilan, which technically belongs to Hindang, another province in Leyte. 

I was so refreshed after having a trip to these underrated islands! I was very glad that there are still a lot of unspoiled beaches in the country. So please, when you happen to visit untouched beaches like this, don't just take Insta-worthy photos. Don't litter, and don't do anything that could harm our friends in the sea. To sum it all, Cuatro Islas trip was lit!

My beach trip last August doesn't end here. Join me in my Kalanggaman Island trip next time and find out how we survived the issued gale warning! 

Happy holidays! 


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