Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp | Dulag, Leyte

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Living in Cebu is quite a torture when you love surfing. Well, we do have swells at some point but it seldom happens. So when a surfing opportunity presents itself, there's no doubt I'd grab it.

Two months ago, I landed in a sort of part-time job that takes me to different places in the country. I don't know what I've done good to get such job but God knows I don't want to work from 9-5 and feel trapped in an office. And so we had a trip to Tacloban which apparently has a surf spot that is just less than an hour away. My bones ached for the beach and surf so I promised myself that I will go surfing in Dulag after I'm done with my work. 

I invited some of my workmates and I was glad that they're so game. The more the merrier, they say. We woke up early and headed to the terminal, settled ourselves inside a van, and I listened to Miles Away by Years Around The Sun, so excited to play. A couple more songs and the driver suddenly came to a halt and told us that we've arrived. I gazed across the street and saw a flat sea and a skimboarding sign. I told the driver that Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp's our destination, and a fellow passenger butted in and said she knew where we're going. She told us that we're just a few minutes away from there and that she will just tell the driver where to drop us off. Thank God for kind people.

We got off the van at the crossing where Andoks is, we had breakfast there, and took a tricycle to the surf camp. I asked for the fare and the driver said it's 20 per head. At first I thought we were being ripped off but when we arrived at our destination I realized that it's fair enough because the surf camp is quite far from the highway. We paid 20 pesos each for the entrance fee, went to the front desk, and got each of us a longboard. The trike driver even waited for us and took us back to the highway on the way home.

I really had fun battling and playing with the waves but the current was too strong. Then I noticed the beach is near the mouth of the river. I'm not really good at surfing, I suck at reading the waves and I easily get tired when paddling. I always kept on asking the instructor which wave to catch (ugh here I am again getting frustrated about not being able to live in Siargao to practice surfing). But somehow I was able to ride some, and ended the session with a fun long ride to the shore. 

The surf camp is such a serene place. It has a number of huts which are great for overnight stay, and a restaurant, too. Sabang has a long strip of fine gray sand so playing beach volley and frisbee would be a great idea. You can also go kayaking and SUP. For me, it's a great spot to bond with your friends and learn surfing. The staff were also accommodating.

How to Get There:

In Tacloban, go to the market just beside McDonald's across Save More. Ride a jeepney en route to Abucay terminal. From there take a van to Dulag, and just tell the driver to drop you off at Andoks, fare is just 40 pesos. Hop on a trike and tell the driver to take you to Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp. On your way home, there are jeepneys in front of Andoks that will take you back to Tacloban, or you can opt to wait for vans and buses that will pass by Dulag en route to Tacloban.

Please note that this is just a day trip.

8 -  jeepney fare to Abucay Terminal
80 - van fare (back & forth)
40 - trike fare (back & forth)
20 - Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp entrance fee
500 - surfing (board and instructor for 1 hour)

Total: 648.00 pesos

Not bad for a stoked day, eh?


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