La Union Travel Diary

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What we had was a quick trip to La Union last April 2017. Oh my goodness, stating the date makes me realize how sluggard I was, but moving on, here I am finally posting this most fun and spontaneous surf trip I had with my best friend!

When it comes to spontaneity, I am the best at it. Spontaneous comes as my second name. This trip was never planned out ahead of time. We just booked our flight days before we have flown to Manila, and that was Holy Week so imagine the number of passengers traveling during that peak season. 

Moving forward to us reaching Manila, we successfully navigated our way through the chaotic EDSA after going onboard a bus and alighted a couple minutes after we realized that the van that would take us to La Union had been waiting for us for too long already and might leave us if we don't arrive soon. So we ran along the buzzing EDSA and could you please picture this out: sidewalks filled with people, heavy night traffic and a man cursing and shouting at his girlfriend that freaked out all the people around them including us. Sorry, but that really made me feel like we were in a vulnerable situation, haha. Until we found a taxi, at last. To make the long story short, we arrived at the meeting point safely with the van driver kinda pissed off. 

We just slept all throughout the long drive and the first activity we had when we arrived in La Union in the morning was trekking to this beautiful Tangadan waterfalls tucked in San Gabriel.

After all the trekking we did, we went out for lunch and had delicious Ilocano dishes. 

La Union is one of the famous and accessible surfing spots in the Philippines. We had fun eating and basking under the sun. Urbiztondo, in my opinion, is the most crowded part, especially during sunset, but I totally understand because the sunset was really breathtaking and what better way to enjoy it than to take advantage of the happy hour?

Can't leave Elyu without trying Flotsam and Jetsam's Makai Bowls.

For the best coffee fix, hit up El Union Coffee.

Before going back to the city, we dropped by the Greece-inspired Thunderbird Resort, and the Manguerra Grape Farm.

Grape picking was fun but what we actually did was grabbing ripe grapes and shooting it right straight into our mouths while walking around the vineyard. Those baskets just served as props. Oops, sorry!


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